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Euthanasia argumentative essay free essay sample

Euthanasia which is also known as mercy killing has been pronounced legal in many countries in the present day world. Euthanasia involves terminating the life of patients to relieve pain and suffering; which became intolerable. Euthanasia is not embraced by everyone, as some people tend to go against it on the grounds of religion and morality. As much as the euthanasia process painlessly puts a person to death, the responsibility of deciding who dies and who lives should not be left in the hands of a doctor. It is moral obligation for individuals and the society as a whole (including the doctors) to protect human life, thus euthanasia should not be legalized. Human life has great value , and thus should be preserved in all possible ways regardless of the circumstances, â€Å" even when death is inevitable painful it is not considered merciful to prescribe an over dose to a cancer victim against her will, or go to gently smother a sleeping Alzheimer’s patient† ( Douthat Dr. We will write a custom essay sample on Euthanasia argumentative essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Kevorkian’s victims). Doctors are the ones whom people entrust their lives whenever there is something wrong with them. People ought to understand the sanctity of human life, and know that the life of an innocent human being must never be intentionally put to an end. This should apply independent of whether a proposed treatment is going to have any sort of expected worthwhile effect on the quality of life of the patient. Euthanasia is not that different from murder because they both involve killing a person. In addition to this, as much as the patients choice is to be values, sick individuals may not be in position to make clear decisions on whether to end their life or not, â€Å"there can be so such thing as voluntary euthanasia, or, at the very least, that we have no means to ensure that the patients request to die was not compelled† (Campbell A problem for the voluntary euthanasia). This follows from the fact that the individuals are not rational enough to make justified decisions to the best of their interests, and therefore it would be unfair to terminate the lives of such people. The doctors should not take the law into their own hands. Another argument against euthanasia would be that it discourages efforts to improve on cures and treatments, â€Å"I will apply for the benefit of the sick, all measures that are required avoiding those twin traps of over treatment and the therapeutic nihilism†Ã‚  (Lasagna Hippocratic Oath). The killing of a person is strictly against the Hippocratic Oath, and the doctors should try their best to cure the patients. Many people with incurable diseases have thought about euthanasia. Their families do not want them to go through the pain any longer. Diseases can be cured that could not have been cured many years ago because of the advancing technology. Technology is growing at an alarming rate; it would probably find a cure for the patient’s illness in the future. Having the power to kill is too much. Doctors would have too much power by having the legal right to kill someone. Even if the patient and family make the decision, the doctor is still the one to do it. Doctors make mistakes, they are human too. If doctors were to make a mistake and kill someone when the person should not have needed to die nothing can be done, the patient is already dead. It would then be taken as second degree murder which is killing someone without intention to do it. â€Å"The moral case for assisted suicide depends much more on our respect for peoples own desire to die than on our sympathy for their devastating medical conditions. If participating in a suicide is legally and ethically acceptable, in other words, it can’t just be because cancer is brutal and dementia is dehumanizing.† (Douthat Dr. Kevorkian’s Victims)Life i s sacred and every person is valued. Life is a good thing, and people need to go out and live it because humans are born for a reason. Life is a value, and if humans don’t respect what is valued those people are considered a hypocrite. People are given a life and are expected to live it. If euthanasia is legalized than suicide should also be. Lastly, euthanasia is done to a person with his consent, and is done for medical reasons, but people do not stop there they want to be euthanized for emotional and physical pressures too. â€Å"When the Detroit free press investigated Dr. Kevorkian’s practice in 1997, it was founded that 60% of these he assisted were not terminally ill. In several cases, autopsies revealed no anatomical evidence of the disease† (Douthat Dr. Kevorkian’s victims). People or doctors cant decide to end somebodys life just to finish what he is suffering from. People related to the patient have to try everything possible to save his life, and reduce the pain. Euthanasia is immoral and against the human relationships. If a patients suffering because of an illness and his doctor said to him that it is better for him to die. That person might go for it because he suffers too much a nd his  doctor said that it is better. Murder is like the involuntary euthanasia, as one take someone’s life without his consent. If euthanasia was legal, murderers would say that they killed a person because of euthanasia in their defense. Some people might argue that people with such diseases as cancer should be allowed to choose their time of death. â€Å"When people become as ill with no prospect of cure and only pain and exhaustion on the offing, it is quite legal to end one’s life by voluntary euthanasia.† (Cramer Euthanasia was the right decision for my wife). Death is not always a bad thing. Some people would rather die than suffer. It might not be bad for the person dying but it will always have a poor effect on someone else. If a murderer were to be executed, the murderer is usually hated by most the world, but the murderer still had someone that once loved them. Illnesses do cause families to grief and to suffer, but if humanity started to believe in faith again, maybe euthanasia would have to significance, since people just lack hope. There is no kind of murder that is merciful. If we continue to let euthanasia be seen as a compassionate killing, than others will feel they have the right to perform this kind of killing as well. Anyone who murders shall be punished for the reason that the word murder has immortal meaning. Euthanasia goes against all the morals of today’s society so it should never be legalized.

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