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Chapter Three Research Methodology - 1634 Words

Chapter Three: Research Methodology 3.1 Introduction Having recognized the theoretical framework in relation to the research purpose, the following procedure is to identify, analyze and evaluate research techniques required for data collection. In order to meet the objectives set out by this study, one must ensure that the appropriate research methods have been adopted. This chapter critically analyses the available research methods; while providing justification for the approach used in this research. The research methodology of this study will be built around Saunders et al. (2007) framework; the ‘Onion Model’ (Figure 1), which shows highlights a number of philosophical approaches. Figure 1: Saunders’ onion model of research philosophy (Source: Saunders: et al. 2009). 3.2 Research Philosophy An interpretivist research philosophy has been adopted throughout this study, as the challenges of small business remain a subjective matter, which differ from one person to another. Interpretivism draws on the importance of understanding and interpreting the participants’ actions and social world from their point of view (Bryman Bell, 2007). This study emphasis on understanding the challenges in small business in contrast to predicting the challenges which would otherwise require a positivist stance, hence a positivist philosophy was avoided. Positivists believe that research should be undertaken in a value-free way; by simply searching for facts in order to test hypothesisShow MoreRelatedChapter Three. 3-Research Methodology . The Chapter Contains1484 Words   |  6 Pages CHAPTER THREE 3-Research Methodology The chapter contains the methodology which will be employee for the study that focuses on the real estate development and other investment multipronged implication to the sustenance of rural livelihood analysis of Dukem town. To do the study, the researcher design the descriptive approach which entirely focuses on both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect primary as well as secondary dataRead MoreChapter Three. 3. Research Methodology. This Chapter Describes1255 Words   |  6 PagesCHAPTER THREE 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter describes the procedures that are use in carrying out this research. It deals with research design, population of study, sampling frame, sample and sampling techniques, research instruments, and analysis. 3.1. Description of Study Area Este woreda is one of the woreda in Amhara Region southern Gondar Zone Part of Ethiopia, which is 114 kilometers far from Bahir Dar. Este woreda is bordered on the south by the Abay river which separates it from theRead MoreChapter Three . Research Methodology. 4.1 Case Study Protocol.1230 Words   |  5 PagesCHAPTER THREE Research Methodology 4.1 Case Study Protocol Overview of the Study This case study is primarily aimed at determining the use of public relations in healthcare organization crisis management and the way health care organizations respond to the crisis. This was achieved through the facilitation of procedural data collection from the selected case across the various sources of data available as well as encouraging flexibility throughout the study. 4.2 Research Method The qualitativeRead MoreVisual Marketing Communications Among The Millennial Generation1644 Words   |  7 PagesThis chapter of the report will present the methodology that is going to be conducted in order to achieve the empirical analysis of the data on visual marketing communications amongst the millennial generation. The aim of this chapter is to indicate the research methodology selected and explain why focus groups and in-depth interviews have been selected as the appropriate methods in this instance compared to alternative approaches. In addition, this chapter covers methods of data analysis, type ofRead MoreCase Study : Applied Leadership Theory Essay909 Words   |  4 PagesCHAPTER FOUR Applied Leadership Theory Introduction Chapter four will define the plan of action to interview Chad Brake, the first shift Senior Supervisor for the Equipment/Component Preparation departments at Pfizer Corporation in McPherson, Kansas. The interview will be designed to pinpoint three key objectives based on the three leadership principles brought together in chapter two and chapter three. The purpose of the interview is to obtain responses from Chad Brake that will validate theRead MoreCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND Rainwater harvesting system (RWHS) is a direct collection of1200 Words   |  5 PagesCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND Rainwater harvesting system (RWHS) is a direct collection of water from roofs and other purpose built catchments. It is also as the collection of sheet runoff from a made-man ground or natural surface catchments and rock catchments for domestic, industry, agriculture and environmental use (Abdul Hamid Nordin, 2011). Normally, RWHS is depended to the size of the roof catchment area and the available rainfall. RWHS usually have six components. There are theRead MoreThe Liberal State Essay1454 Words   |  6 PagesCHAPTER 11.3 Research Objectives The Indian State has ensured that the employers have a far more control over labour than ever before. The thought of the neo-liberal state as one that is more disengaged in its political economy functioning is a lost one. The neo-liberal state has demonstrated expanding duality, prompting inaction in specific zones, (for example, sanctioning of social security for the workforce), and while at the same time facilitating capital so as to exhibit deliberate efforts inRead MoreEthical Issues In Networks Systems Design: A Reflection1190 Words   |  5 Pageshave selected positivist research paradigm for use in my research process. Based on the nature of this research process , I opted to employ the paradigm duo its positive approach and its close relevance to the nature of research topic. This research topic also dictate that a positive approach be used in order to arrive at the ethical issues of concern being investigated. There is also the need to give the reality an objective manner. Furthermore, the positivist research paradigm is suitable forRead MoreNotes On Mergers And Acquisitions1705 Words   |  7 Pagesthe existence of abnormal return on the announcement of mergers and acquisitions. This study will first examine the impact of mergers and announcement for the sample as a whole (the entire companies). After worth the sample will be divided into three categories based on the type of companies’ news which is good news, bad news and no news company. The purpose of segregated the companies based on the news types is to examine the impact of mergers and acquisitions based on news. Moreover, this studyRead MoreThe For Conflict Resolution On The Land Use Conflict Between Concessions Companies And Community Members Of The Nimba County1102 Words   |  5 PagesResearch Objective, Content and Key issues to be resolved 1.2 .1 Research Objective The need for conflict resolution in the land use conflict between concessions companies and community members of the Nimba County in Liberia cannot be over emphasized since the sustainability of most economies is predicated on the availability of natural resource of that country. Concessions companies are established to accomplish their set objectives which includes profit making and for these objectives to be attained

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